Igniting Job Purposing at Work

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Humans are healthier and happier when they have a sense of purpose. Shouldn’t that purpose be an integral part of your work?

On this week’s podcast, we are delighted to welcome Bea Boccalandro, author of Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing. As founder and president of the global purpose advisory firm, VeraWorks, Bea has two decades of experience helping businesses make customer interactions more human, products more inclusive, operations more environmentally sustainable, and marketing more charitable 

In other words, making work more meaningful.

In today’s conversation, we talk about why everyone should be empowered to discover their own individual purpose and integrate it into their work. We discuss how small acts of meaning create a ripple effect through the whole culture. Plus, we share practical ways leaders can encourage job-purposing throughout all levels and teams.

In this episode:

2:00- Creating purpose within your job

8:30- Building a purposeful culture from the bottom up 

14:00- How small acts of meaning lead to sustainable shift

20:00- Making space for individual purpose and authenticity at work

35:00- Practical things leaders can do to encourage job purposing

Resources from today’s episode:

Why Your Values Belong at Work” by Bea Boccolandro

Learn more about Bea Boccalandro at www.beaboccalandro.com

We discuss the limbic brain in the beginning of today’s episode. To discover more, be sure to listen to episode #114: The Leadership Skill of Storytelling

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