Living Into Our Purpose

We exist to make the world better by  making business better.

10X Leadership Lab is a conscious coaching and consulting practice supporting high-performance companies and leaders committed to creating a positive impact in the world as part of their everyday work. We transform business into a conduit for purpose, galvanize leaders to create lasting change, and cultivate thriving ecosystems rooted in impact and results.

Our Take on Values

True transformation begins with clarifying what we most aspire to relative to where we are now. Our values work is more than the traditional identification of core values. It is the way in which we help you uncover the values of your team, their perception of your culture, and the culture they would be most inspired to give their best to.

The 10X methodology takes you through the process of getting beyond words on a wall to an every day reality where people feel, live, and trust what we say is most important. Through practice and iteration, we build habits, behaviors, and frameworks that really stick.

10X Leadership Lab’s Values and

Make A Difference

We align all efforts with our purpose and vision, walk our own talk, and measure our results.

  1. We understand the complex nature of the human experience and we meet our clients where they are at, in the moment.
  2. We spend as much time driving and measuring our impact as we do our financial results.
  3. We’re never too busy to work our strategic rhythm.

Care Deeply

We care deeply and love our clients.

  1. We communicate with transparency, integrity, and love.
  2. We commit to win-win for our whole 10X community.
  3. We are present, prepared, and committed to our relationships and desired outcomes.

Grow Everyday

We honor where we are today and are in relentless pursuit of living into our potential.

  1. We use radical candor to call out where we are limiting the potential of the work.
  2. We protect time to discover, reflect, learn, and innovate.
  3. We consistently request feedback from our stakeholders to get better and evolve the work.

Respect the Whole Self

We are doing what it takes to live an extraordinary human experience

  1. We help one another live into our genius zones and have fun.
  2. We commit to our boundaries and are fierce advocates for each other and the system.
  3. We have a quarterly sabbatical.