Living Into Our Purpose

We exist to make the world better by  making business better.

10X Leadership Lab is a thought and practice partner for middle market companies committed to conscious leadership, thriving culture, purpose and values alignment.

We believe the most important strategic priorities for a company are these 3 pillars, and by building competency in all 3, companies can create both a thriving financial outcome and win/win stakeholder impact.

Our Take on Values

At the root of a thriving culture are values. True transformation begins with clarifying who we most want to be and agreeing on what that looks like in behavior.   

The 10X methodology takes you through the process of getting beyond words on a wall to an every day reality where people feel, live, and trust what we say is most important. Through practice and iteration, we build habits, behaviors, and frameworks that really stick.

10X Leadership Lab’s Values

Make A Difference

We align our choices and time with purpose, vision, and values.  

  • We measure and experiment with how to better walk our talk on a quarterly basis.
  • We prioritize the impact and reach of our outcomes even over financial results recognizing the latter comes when the former is extraordinary.
  • We partner with clients who share our commitment to making the world better by making business better.
  • We practice a cycle of co-creation, experimentation, measurement, and iteration in service to the desired outcomes and culture.

Care Deeply

We believe in, respect, and love our clients.

  • We honor the complex nature of the human experience and we meet our clients where they are.
  • We participate in our relationships with transparency, integrity, and love.
  • We are present, prepared, and committed to our relationships and desired outcomes.
  • We grow relationships that are mutually life-giving, and we make space for and bring in practices that tend to the whole person.

Grow Everyday

We honor where we are today, and we are in ambitious pursuit of our potential. 

  • We use radical candor to call out where we are limiting the potential of the work.
  • We protect time to discover, reflect, learn, celebrate, and innovate.
  • We study and synthesize what is emerging in the research and thought leadership space to further our work and our offering. 
  • We consistently request feedback from our stakeholders to evolve the work.

Respect the Whole Self

We mindfully create space for the whole person and their right to an extraordinary human experience.

  • We help one another live into our genius zone and have fun.
  • We bring awareness to the BEING and the DOING present in the moment. 
  • We practice and teach vulnerability. 
  • We practice, communicate, and teach boundaries.
  • We are consistent with our personal self care practices.