Reimagine your company culture & unlock potential.

Culture is the waters in which we swim. It lives (and hides) in the ways in which we communicate, behave, make decisions, solve problems–and all of the processes, policies, and systems in between. Culture plays an undeniable role in the success of your business; and yet, many leaders are over-indexing on strategy, under-indexing on culture, and missing the complex interdependence of both.

10X Leadership Lab’s Thriving Culture partnership breaks through echo chambers to cultivate thriving ecosystems rooted in impact and results. We empower your people to be extraordinary leaders and contributors committed to your company’s purpose and success, while operating within their own unique genius zones for optimal wellness, fulfillment, and productivity.

Thriving culture is a competitive advantage, generating cohesion, agility, connection, and loyalty that unearths unimaginable results.

Thriving culture decentralizes creativity and innovation, so that great ideas are always bubbling up. Your business is only as strong as your people are inspired.

Thriving culture does good in the world. Investing in your culture allows people to show up as their best selves in life and work.

How We Design Thriving Culture

Step #1

Discovery and Assessment

We always start with data. Our discovery and assessment process is designed to uncover the as-is state of the business using 10X Leadership Lab’s unique qualitative- and quantitative assessments. You will receive rich, accurate, and actionable insights that will lay the foundation for the work that follows.

Step #2

Culture Design

Through a series of on-site and virtual labs, executive coaching sessions, and educational resources, we will co-create a new operating system for your business. We will clarify, evolve, and embed your purpose, values and non-negotiables, and craft new agreements for the ways in which your team works.

Step #3

Culture Activation

The most difficult part of culture change is getting the results you desire to stick. This is where we don our social scientist hat and infuse principles of positive psychology and neuroscience to ensure our work goes far beyond intentions and delivers your business transformational results. During this period, we will experiment, iterate and pulse regularly before your final assessment.

Step #4

Conscious Leadership Coaching

We include executive coaching in every client relationship, as sustainable shift at a systems level begins with intentional psychological and behavioral shifts at a leadership level. At minimum, this includes one-to-one executive coaching with the CEO, Founder, or client sponsor along with regular group coaching for the leadership team.