Make a stand for something bigger

Why does your business exist?

What is the impact you want to have on the world?

Now, more than ever, you must have inspired and meaningful answers.

To seek out meaning and purpose is to be human—we all instinctively desire to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Purpose-driven brands are outperforming the competition, evolving the competitive landscape, and attracting the best people to their teams. Whether you’re a start-up, getting ready to pass on your legacy, or somewhere in-between, purpose is the key to unlocking the potential of your business.

10X Leadership Lab’s Purpose Alignment element helps you uncover the heart and soul of your business and deeply embed this crucially important element into every aspect of your business.

Purpose-driven brands have strong emotional connections with their stakeholders, where everyone is intrinsically motivated and personally vested in the success of your business.

Purpose-driven brands are transforming and evolving the competitive landscape—and outperforming businesses who aren’t clear on their reason for being.

Purpose-driven brands leave a strong, resilient legacy that founders, leaders, and team members at all levels of the organization can be proud of and feel committed to.

How We Uncover and Embed Purpose

Step #1

Discovery and Assessment

We always start with data. Our discovery and assessment process is designed to uncover the as-is state of the business using 10X Leadership Lab’s unique qualitative- and quantitative assessments. You will receive rich, accurate, and actionable insights that will lay the foundation for the work that follows.

Step #2

Purpose Alignment

Through a series of on-site and virtual labs, executive coaching sessions, and educational resources, we will engage all internal stakeholders to define, refine, evolve and pressure test your purpose and vision.

Step #3

Purpose Integration

Your integration roadmap is co-created to deeply embed your unique purpose into your strategy, process, and structure. We will work closely with you and your leadership team to develop competency around conscious leadership best practices and align your business, commitments, and people around purpose. During this period, we will also do a final assessment.

Step #4

Conscious Leadership Coaching

We include executive coaching in every client relationship, as sustainable shift at a systems level begins with intentional psychological and behavioral shifts at a leadership level. At minimum, this includes one-to-one executive coaching with the CEO, Founder, or client sponsor along with regular group coaching for the leadership team.