Build a better future through stakeholder win-win

Conscious businesses know that only through a fierce commitment to our stakeholders and a deep understanding of their needs are we able to truly create value for one another, our organization, and the world. Designing our business for stakeholder win-win requires us to fundamentally assess our impact on our planet, customers, suppliers, and communities so that our purpose and intentions are aligned with our actual impact.

Through your 10X Leadership Lab Stakeholder Win-Win partnership, we will co-create a comprehensive stakeholder impact map, create the playbook for stakeholder engagement and integration, and support your development of a conscious strategy that drives sustainable and equitable win-win relationships with people and planet. Your conscious strategy frameworks operationalized will create shared vision and accountability for responsible and sustainable operations at every level of the organization.

Because this element requires an extensive existing understanding of your purpose and vision, the impact you want to have on the world, and a foundation of mutual trust and respect within your organization, we may recommend your organization first complete the Purpose Alignment or Thriving Culture elements.

Stakeholder win-win builds prosperous communities in which zero-sum thinking is reduced and all stakeholders are allies in nourishing the business’ shared vision and desired impact.

Stakeholder win-win constructs long-lasting frameworks and rhythms for conscious strategy and leadership practices that increase autonomy, efficiency, agility, and effectiveness.

Stakeholder win-win surfaces and roots out those who don’t align with the organization’s purpose and values, leading to enhanced engagement from aligned stakeholders and opportunities to re-envision how your business grows it’s community.

How We Create Stakeholder Win-Win

Step #1

Discovery and Assessment

We always start with data. Our discovery and assessment process is designed to uncover the as-is state of the business using 10X Leadership Lab’s unique qualitative- and quantitative assessments. You will receive rich, accurate, and actionable insights that will lay the foundation for the work that follows.

Step #2

Stakeholder Workshop and Playbook

Through a series of on-site and virtual labs, executive coaching sessions, and educational resources, we will uncover who your stakeholders are, define their needs, and co-create a win-win playbook unique to your business. We will identify both the big-picture master strategies for each major stakeholder group, along with the strategic levers that leaders within your organization can pull to drive impact.

Step #3

Conscious Strategy

10X Leadership Lab’s conscious strategy process is an agile framework and rhythm that is both structured and flexible enough to evolve and grow with your business. We will demonstrate, coach, and habituate this process with you and your leaders, creating a rich strategy cadence designed to enhance possibility thinking, eliminate trade-off mindset, and create win-win outcomes that drive results.

Step #4

Conscious Leadership Coaching

We include executive coaching in every client relationship, as sustainable shift at a systems level begins with intentional psychological and behavioral shifts at a leadership level. At minimum, this includes one-to-one executive coaching with the CEO, Founder, or client sponsor along with regular group coaching for the leadership team.