Leading Through Difficult Conversations with Dr. Susan Clark Muntean

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How do you navigate difficult conversations at work? Do you lean into them with curiosity or do you try to avoid any discomfort?

This week, we are welcoming Dr. Susan Clark Muntean back to the show. If you didn’t catch last week’s insightful podcast episode with Susan, Championing Gender Inclusivity in Business, we highly recommend adding it to your list!

In today’s episode, we discuss how to approach and practice difficult conversations with your team, actionable tips to make them easier, and the positive outcomes and growth you can experience as a result.

In today’s episode:

3:30- Difficult conversations and our external environment

7:00- Starting with curiosity and vulnerability

10:30- Tips and tools to make approaching difficult conversations easier

24:30- Creating win-win outcomes

About Dr. Susan Clark Muntean

Dr. Susan Clark Muntean teaches courses in Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting. She holds a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (“USASBE”) and is active in the Asheville entrepreneurial community as a mentor, public speaker, author and advisory board member. 

Her new book, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:  A Gender Perspective, is co-authored with Cambridge University Press. Dr. Clark Muntean has held both academic and professional positions in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including with the London School of Economics, IBM Consulting Group, Ernst & Young LLP and Arthur Andersen LLP.

About the 10X Impact Conversations Podcast

We believe you matter, your work matters, and your business matters. The 10X Impact Conversations podcast is designed to help you thrive in life and work using science, coaching, and conscious practices you can integrate today. In each episode, our host Laura Jaurez discusses or interviews leaders and experts to uncover how people and organizations are making the world better through their own evolution, relationships, and work.

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