Best of the Conscious Leadership Podcast: #59 – Innovation Is A Currency

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This week, we’re talking with Mark Dancer, founder and CEO of N4BI (Network For Business Innovation).

Mark is a dear friend and brilliant mind, and he is revolutionizing the way industry thinks about innovation and networks in the B2B space.

In our conversation, Mark shares his framework for authentic innovation that capitalizes on the synergistic wisdom and capability of our supply chains (and beyond). We’ll discuss:

Currencies of performance beyond profit
Best practices of emerging businesses for innovation.
Storytelling as authentic value creation marketing.
And very importantly, how to build foresight as an organizational competency.
Mark is the author of Innovate To Dominate, a must-read book that you can find at

He speaks & teaches extensively with the mission of shifting the way business thinks about its relationships with its stakeholders and the potential of revolutionizing industries through collective learning, dialog, and innovation. You can follow his work at and reach out to him directly at or on LinkedIn.

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