A Vulnerability Story | Wednesday Wisdom

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What can we learn when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with our emotions? How might this impact our daily interactions? Laura shares her own vulnerability story on this week’s Wednesday Wisdom.

A vulnerable leader is a conscious leader. If you are interested in working with us to become a more conscious leader reach out to us here or email hello@10xleadershiplab.com.

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Tom Rausch

Really good message this week Laura. A courageous culture starts with leaders brave enough to be vulnerable. So often we see one of the root causes of dysfunction in a culture is conflict avoidance- the fear of having open, vulnerable conversations about the help people need to fulfill their potential.

Laura Juarez

Thank you for this fabulous point Tom. It’s amazing what we can do for ourselves and our teams by putting vulnerability into practice.

Jason J. Juarez

Well said.

Laura Juarez

Thank you! đŸ™‚