#95: Workshop Your Non-Negotiables 10X Style

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In today’s conversation, we’re workshopping non-negotiables. I’ll walk you through the 10X process of discovering, articulating, giving meaning to, and creating engagement around your non-negotiables; giving you a chance to try the process on.

If you choose, this can be an interactive lab where you walk the non-negotiables path; base camp to summit. I give lots of examples as well as share my own personal non-negotiables and how I use them to help personalize the work for you.

If you have questions, please drop us a line at hello@10xleadershiplab.com. We exist to support you on this path.


The 10X Impact podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab.

10X Leadership Lab exists to transform business into a vehicle that elevates humanity through conscious leadership, stakeholder win-win, thriving culture, and higher purpose.

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