#107: Stakeholder Capitalism: What is it?

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Everyone’s talking about the start of the college football season (Go Bucks) and stakeholders. At 10X, we talk about Stakeholder Win/Win versus Stakeholder Capitalism because clear rules the day, and when its all said and done, what matters is what we do, not the theories we espouse.

In today’s conversation, we’re putting our toe into stakeholder win/win; exploring a model 10X uses to create a conversation around what this is with each stakeholder in our ecosystem.

I always try to remember that conflict and disagreement almost always root from misalignment. And often, misalignment roots from unclear expectations around outcomes and behaviors.

This simple process will help you transform your relationships with your stakeholders and set the stage for future conversations about stakeholders over the next several months.


The 10X Impact podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab.

10X Leadership Lab exists transform business into a vehicle that elevates humanity through conscious leadership, stakeholder win win, thriving culture, and higher purpose.

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