#110: Wish you could actualize the potential of your team?

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Wish you knew how to actualize the potential of your teams?

You’re in for a treat because, today, Ellen Burts-Cooper is with me. Ellen is one of my favorite educators on cohesive, agile team performance, and she’s going to share her approach to creating high-performing teams.

One of the reasons I love Ellen’s work is she focuses on both style and systems. It’s easy to over-index on style as it’s more provocative, but without good systems, we dilute our strength.

What will you walk away with?

  • A methodology for co-creating team norms and working agreements.
  • The ready-made recipe to run a Team Reunion; a concept I love!  I’m convinced we all need to host one with our teams in the immediate future.

Ellen is the senior managing partner of Improve Consulting and Training Group (http://improveconsulting.biz/) and is on faculty at Case Western Reserve University in the Weatherhead Executive Education Program and The Institute for Management Studies (IMS).

She’s written two books: “aMAZEing Organizational Teams: Navigating 7 Critical Attributes for Cohesion, Productivity and Resilience” and “Canine Instinct: A Guide to Survival and Advancement in Corporate America.” You can connect with her directly on LinkedIn.


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