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It’s amazing how one seemingly minor change can domino into a whole host of changes. 

A few days a week, I start my day with a walk outside. Normally I listen to podcasts (that should be its own post—recommended podcasts!). I feel very efficient getting in some movement at the beginning of my day AND knocking off a podcast or two to stimulate my thinking and set me up for a creative day. 

Yet, I’ve also been playing around with the idea of some space. You know how so many of us have our best ideas in the shower? It’s because it’s one of the few places where are minds are free to work through ideas and connection making. It’s fabulous. So much so, that I’ve wondered if my brain would appreciate just a bit more space. 

Hence my experiment. Walking with no podcasts. Just walking. And observing. And feeling. And sensing. 

(For those productivity types out there, trust me this is HARD. It goes against every efficiency bone in my body—which is all the bones.)

But, hear me out. It’s been delightful. 

This morning, on my fourth day of the experiment, I found myself looking up. I saw rooftop gardens above me that I had never seen before. They’d always been there, but I had never observed them. 

Then I heard some leaves crunching under my feet. 

Through being aware and listening, I heard and felt fall in the air before I consciously thought about the fact that the calendar just flipped the page to a new season. 

As I grapple with the importance of these observations, I shift to thinking about how a small change in our daily routine, whether in our home life or work life, has the potential to create a domino effect. 

Which leads us to, what small change might you want to play with in your life? 

  • Listening to one of your favorite songs every day?
  • Dance party in your kitchen?
  • 5 minute mindfulness practice in the middle of your day?
  • Full body shakes between meetings?
  • Eating a meal not looking at a screen?

Are these small observations doing something significantly larger for my mind in the long run? That’s still to be determined, but my inkling is yes.   

Join me in running an experiment of your own!

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