#101: The HOW of Leading from WHY

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Pause for a moment: What’s your personal higher purpose? And if you lead others, what is each of theirs?

If you stumble on this, this episode is for you.

No one jumps out of bed inspired and willing to put themselves boldly into the world day after day, year after year, when our work is misaligned with the impact we most want to have or when our WHY is overshadowed by an obsession with financial results and KPI’s. We might get excited for awhile, but eventually, our soul will rumble with discontent.

As leaders, the most important work we can do is to intentionally embed the Higher Purpose of the business, ourselves, and our team into the DNA of what we do every day.

Join Katie, Kelly, and I as we dive into the practices and rituals that help each of us connect and stay aligned with our personal higher purpose.

We reference several blog posts that you can find HERE (How we can be happier), HERE (Part 2), and HERE (Becoming Fluent At Thriving).

To listen to the first podcast in this series, click HERE.


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10X Leadership Lab exists transform business into a vehicle that elevates humanity through conscious leadership, stakeholder win win, thriving culture, and higher purpose.

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