In my last post, I laid the foundation for why we should be working towards more thriving in our lives. I know this is a focus for me, and I believe it should be a focus for all business leaders. If you as a leader are not thriving, how can you expect your team members to thrive?

So, without further ado, here are 5 thriving conditions combined with recommended ways to increase these conditions in your life.

1. Embody Potential

    • Katie’s blog talked about FLOW state. When we’re clear about our genius (passion plus unique acumen) and we overlay it with our day, flow happens. Here’s an example: I’m both passionate and uniquely gifted at seeing the myriad of pathways from concept to implemented reality. I can use that or not in a conversation, but when I do, that long afternoon zoom meeting? Magic. 

The practice: Create more moments where you are simultaneously using your passion and your genius.

2. Make a Difference

    • It’s almost impossible to have a conversation with us at 10X Leadership Lab without hearing words like Higher Purpose, Alignment, and Non-Negotiables. Why? Because at the end of the day, we believe all humans want our lives to matter, to leave the world better, and to have the impact that only we can. 

The practice: We are each part of many human systems (work teams, families, communities…) I encourage you to journal why your existence in that system elevates the whole. How could you make a more meaningful difference, and if you did, what changes might we witness in your words, behavior, or time allocation? Do more of those things. 

3. Grow Holistically

    • I’m not going to make a case for growth because it’s a well trodden path of evidence. I will however, encourage all of us to be less myopic about it. Our lives are a tapestry of priorities and aspects. We are not the roles we play: we are beings fueled by tending to our whole self. It is simply not possible to self optimize without that whole self orientation. Thus, holistic growth asks us to consider all of our aspects: our work, hobbies, relationships, communities, sacred path, health, emotional and energetic wellbeing…. Often our “growth plan” over indexes on one or two of these to the detriment of the rest. Holistic growth asks us to harmonize the actualization of the whole self’s potential. 

The practice:  Write down the most important aspects of your life (above is a starting place): on a scale of 1 – 10, where are you NOW relative to your vision? WIth this baseline, write a 6 month vision & check in with it weekly with this question: To what extent did I make progress on this vision this week? 

4. Connect Deeply With People

    • We all KNOW this, and yet, we miss opportunities to connect with authenticity, vulnerability, compassion, and curiosity. At 10X, we use check-in questions, personal reflection, and scheduled, unplanned time to embed deep connection into the way we work. Could we skip all of that because we’re busy? Yep. The same is true with our families. Could we skip talking about what is on our hearts in order to more efficiently solve for who’s doing what when? Yep. At 10X, we’ve decided the trade-off isn’t worth it so we have an even over of Respect The Whole Self Even Over Getting It All Done

The practice: Write your EVEN OVER around connection. (For more information on non-negotiables and even/over statements, listen to this podcast episode and go deeper HERE and HERE). 

5. Cultivate Happiness 

    • Katie’s blog talked about intentionally cultivating positive emotions and tending to the ratio between positive and negative emotions. It helps me immensely to remember that I have agency over what I give permeability to, how I respond / react, and how I perceive my world. And simply because breath still flows through me, each moment is a blessing of choice.  My hope is to choose positive over negative 10 to 1. It’s a humbling experiment for my human brain, but it’s part of my THRIVE equation. 

The practice: Read Katie’s blog and decide: what is the most salient shift I can make in this season to practice dialing up happiness and dialing down what no longer serves? 

Cheers to Thriving!

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