Best of the Conscious Leadership Podcast: #43 – Why Culture Matters More Than Process

by | Culture, Podcast, Women in Leadership

I am delighted to introduce you to Eileen Odum. Eileen is a colleague of mine, and thus, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her skillful leadership at the board table and with teams.

In this conversation, Eileen and I talk about what truly engaged leadership is, how to capitalize on the latent passion and talent of your team, and how to get buy-in when performance and trust is waning.

“We judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our actions. Our job as leaders is to align the two.”  – Eileen Odum

Prior to pivoting to a career phase focused on Board of Director positions, Eileen was the CEO of NiSource, Indiana’s largest public utility and President of National Operations for Verizon. To learn more about her, visit her LinkedIn Profile.

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