Best of the Conscious Leadership Podcast: #19 – 10 Biz Tips for Startups

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It seems like everyone is starting a business or dreaming of doing so, and here’s what I know:

Until you have momentum, start-ups are TOUGH. You’ve got to be 100% IN to make it happen.

And start-ups are INCREDIBLE! They are an investment in yourself; one of your smartest bets. But you’ve got to get a few things right from the beginning.

We’ll cover mindset, sales, time management, forecasting, pivoting with grace, and self-care plus a WHOLE LOT more (I have a lot to say about this topic). đŸ™‚

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We understand it is hard work pursuing purpose-driven businesses! Here we offer regular support, ideas, and encouragement to continue the important work you do every day. We cover an array of topics from Higher Purpose, to Leadership, to JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion). Let us know what is most helpful, and what you want to hear more about!