Fear Is Funny, Yes?

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My daughter dressed up as FEAR from the movie, Inside Out, for Halloween.

Fear is funny, yes?

We feel it because we might be:

  1. Standing at the edge of a moonshot we MUST pursue to remain in integrity with ourselves.
  2. Wading into the murky unknown: the “not yet endeavored” zone.
  3. Rumbling with the risk that is born from following our higher purpose.
  4. Receiving reliable feedback from our body to change direction & avert harm.

If we assume our fear stems from #4 but it’s really 1, 2, or 3, we risk playing small; rationalizing ourselves out of the impact we’re capable of having.

And it’s easy to assume it’s #4 because, let’s face it, fear is uncomfortable and #4 gives us the permission to exit it as quickly as we can.

But, yes, I know. Sometimes it actually is our body’s intelligence system forewarning us about real harm.

The question we have for you is:

How do you discern the true root of your fear so that you make choices that align with the life you most want to live & lead? 

Innovation always requires risk, new endeavors always teeter with failure, and impact always demands courageous alignment with our higher purpose.

Fear is likely to sneak into our field, and it will either take us out or shepherd us forward.

If we find that our fear is a byproduct of doing something extraordinary and brave, our practice is to sit with its discomfort: mindful, thoughtful, curious.

  • But to stay in.
  • To keep building.
  • To strengthen our YES.
  • And to call in support because our big work in this world matters.

Make your week extraordinary,

Laura & Katie

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