Best of the Conscious Leadership Podcast: #26 – Conscious Leadership With Ursula Jorch

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This week, I’m thrilled to bring a conversation with Ursula Jorch about Conscious Leadership; a term made popular when John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, published his book, Conscious Capitalism.

Conscious leadership; however, has been around much longer as a dream state and vision of leaders, and I believe is at the heart of the massive shift we’ve seen towards entrepreneurial start-ups and organizational focus on employee engagement.

In this episode, Ursula shares tips and wisdom on:

  • How to design a strategy that honors who you are and the impact you most want to have.
  • How to bring vulnerability and authenticity into your business world.
  • How the practice of loving kindness is actually the act of fierceness and strength.
  • How to create both profit and impact

Ursula Jorch owns Work Alchemy, and she works at the intersection of capitalism, consciousness, and social and environmental impact. As a business coach and consultant, Ursula’s focus with her clients is on how to make smart and strategic decisions, while tending to individual and group dynamics. She provides tools as well as practical, actionable guidance to achieve your business’ impact and financial goals while nurturing personal and team development.

Ursula focuses on working with mission-aligned businesses, companies and their leaders that believe for-profit business can be a force for good. Her international clients include large life science organizations, as well as small and medium-sized B-corps, Conscious Capitalism companies, and benefit corporations.

She hosts the popular podcast

You can find her work at

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