#112: Radical Candor & What People Really Think

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Do you remember your first “real job”?

I do. I started with a global consulting company less than 30 days after graduating from college. I was over the moon excited, slightly petrified, and generally curious about this thing called work.

The stories from my first year are still some of the most memorable of my career. (And worthy of their own podcast episode which would definitely fall squarely in the comedy category).

Today, we’re hearing snippets from a group of young professionals, and as a leader, I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry. Maybe both. And while we might chalk it up to the angst of transitioning from student to adult, there’s something here for us to digest.

Whatever emotions we want to prescribe to it, employees are not having an inspiring experience and their collective “great resignation” is proof positive that expectations are shifting.

As leaders, will we shift to pace with those changing expectations?

I suspect if we bravely paused our laser focus on business results and refocused our attention on culture, employee experience, and higher purpose, we’d come out ahead.

We’ll also take a swim in the shallow end of radical candor. You’ll leave with a solid foundation on what is and how you might begin to shift from “too polite” or “too abrasive” to direct, compassionate candor that strengthens relationships.

And no worries! Next week we’ll take a deep end plunge with it.

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