How to Handle Burnout: Part 2

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How can you support your friends, colleagues, or yourself through burnout? In today’s Wednesday Wisdom, Laura offers tips on how to handle burnout.

If you didn’t catch last week’s episode, be sure to watch for an introduction on how to recognize burnout and the impact it can have on individuals and teams.

Read on to discover ways to help others through burnout:

  1. Create time for others- Intentionally listen and be present for someone else while practicing empathy to understand their experience.
  2. Model Vulnerability-Unfortunately, burnout can have negative connotations surrounding performance and quality of work. Modeling and encouraging vulnerability creates an invitation and safe space for others to be open, honest, and human.
  3. Be a coach and advisor- help them take action by thinking through what’s in their way, how they might clear barriers, and how they can be open to create a strong network around themselves. Help them understand what brings them joy and provides impact.

Our primary role as leaders is to inspire and lead others to be great, care for our team, and help others connect the dots to see meaning in their work.

And with 75% of workers experiencing burnout at some point in their lives, remember that you are not immune to it yourself. Go easy on yourself, apply these practices, and develop a support system to do the inner work.

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