Leadership Coaching

“Everybody has a slice of genius. Make sure you unleash yours.” – Linda Hill

The world needs emotionally aware leaders with the skills necessary to lead with integrity, navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, dismantle broken systems and innovate new paths forward, and create meaningful, win-win relationships. We take an evidence-based approach to create an experience that is a magical combination of structure and flexibility to help you own your story and influence as a leader. Our work is rooted in:

emotional agility systems theory courage-building mindfulness

habit formation polarity management positive psychology neuroscience

We equip you to approach complex challenges like:

making decisions with no clear best solution approaching employee issues with clarity and care navigating polarities such as maintaining focus while also thinking broadly finding and instilling intrinsic motivation and creative solutions maintaining personal and organizational integrity operating with emotional awareness and regulation identifying and overcoming limiting behaviors and barriers in yourself and others

And we help you become a leader who is:

    adaptable responsible humble empathatic impactful

    clear steady grounded kind inspiring

“Seeing the situation as it is, is an intelligent starting point for change. If we can’t see a situation clearly as it is – if we are instead caught up in our attachment to how we want things to be or resistance to things as they are – we have less creative energy and clear seeing for finding skillful strategies for change, and then for doing the nitty-gritty, moment-to-moment work that change requires.” – Nancy Bardacke


What is the time commitment for Leadership Coaching?

People seek out leadership coaching because they are looking to change or grow in ways that can’t be done on their own. We all have limitations on how well we can recognize and work through our roadblocks and blindspots. We all have habits and stories that pop up and get in our way when we stretch ourselves. These are the very reasons why coaching is not only helpful but necessary. But change doesn’t happen overnight. We’re talking about examining and shifting deeply-rooted mindsets, beliefs, behaviors. For all of these reasons, our typical leadership coaching engagement lasts around 12-18 months.

What is a leadership 360? Do you require a 360 assessment for all clients?

All of our coaching engagements use a 360 component because we want to make sure that the goals you’re working toward are informed by the impact you’re currently having on others as a leader. For example, if you think you don’t do a great job mentoring others, but all of your stakeholders experience you to be a great mentor, it’s not a good use of your time and energy to focus on becoming a better mentor. Instead, it would be better for you to look at an area of your leadership that your stakeholders are actively looking for more or less of in you. Leadership is all about people so it makes sense that growing yourself as a leader would involve getting input from the people around you.

There are a lot of 360’s out there on the market. We use the Leadership Circle Profile specifically because the skills and characteristics that it measures are perfectly aligned with those that are in demand in workplaces around the world, and that’s backed by years of research. The Leadership Circle Profile 360 is valid and reliable and is used in industries of all types. 

If you’ve gone through a 360 experience recently or your reasons for engaging in leadership coaching don’t necessitate the input or feedback of others, let’s talk about it and you may not need one for your engagement with 10X.

How might I approach my team leader about investing in this work?

As Bill Gates said in his 2013 TedTalk, “everyone needs a coach.” We all have limitations to what we can see within ourselves and how far we’re willing to stretch on our own. If your team leader is committed to your growth, coaching is a method for improvement that has been used for decades across all industries with great success. The fact is that people of all levels in an organization need to have opportunities for growth in order for that organization to really thrive, not just the folks in the C-Suite. Because we use a validated 360 assessment in all of our coaching engagements, your leader will also have the opportunity to inform what skill you work on in coaching. If you’re still having trouble getting them on board, schedule some time with us and let’s discuss the specifics.

Why do you ask leaders to consider their personal purpose and values?

Think about the last time you acted in a way that was in opposition to who you are at your core. Maybe it was an in effort to fit in or meet a standard others set. Perhaps it was as a compromise in a relationship or simply because you weren’t at your best that day. I’m guessing it felt kind of crappy, uninspiring, ick, discombobulating even. That’s what happens when we are operating out of alignment with our values. It doesn’t feel good, we do and say things that we end up regretting, we feel untethered and lost. 

Knowing your values helps you then be able to tap into them when you need them most – in times of uncertainty, where there isn’t a clear answer, where you’re being called on to do something important, basically all of leadership.

Purpose is important for similar reasons, it’s like a beacon that keeps you headed in the right direction. There are a lot of distractions and competing priorities and agendas in any leadership role. Through coaching you’ll be able to actively use your purpose to access clarity in that fog. 

What is “conscious leadership” and why do you use that terminology?

Conscious leadership is a term that was coined in 2014 to define leadership that is aware, present, and responsible. Conscious leaders care about more than just productivity and profit, they care about the people who make up the organization, the many stakeholders who are impacted by the organization, and the mark the organization is leaving in the world. Many research studies have revealed the need for this type of shift in leadership to occur and Conscious Leadership is the just right term to encompass that shift. At 10X we help leaders, teams, and organizations become more conscious because we know that it matters and it’s what’s needed most.

What is the 10X Leadership Bootcamp?

The 10X leadership bootcamp is a conscious leadership foundation building course. Think of it as your entry way into becoming a conscious leader. If you want to become a SCUBA diver you first take a course that helps you understand the ins and outs of SCUBA. You get your foundation built so that you can then go take on more challenging endeavors like cave diving or night diving. The 10X leadership bootcamp is your intro to SCUBA course, except for leadership- no fins required! 

The 10X Leadership bootcamp is a six month experience that is learner led, for the most part. Bootcamp combines all the best when it comes to learning that leads to real change- reading, videos, reflections, and action! And, because we know the power of coaching when it comes to growth and change, there are four 1:1 coaching sessions sprinkled throughout your learning where one of our professional coaches will help reveal blindspots and ways you may be playing small, in addition to championing your progress and fueling your motivation for more.

How do you support leaders navigating career transitions?

Career transitions are happening everywhere these days, and we don’t think that’s going to slow down. While the numbers vary based on age group, industry, and other factors, the fact is is that people aren’t staying at their jobs for long stretches of time anymore. What we help with when it comes to career transitions is doing so thoughtfully – with full understanding of who you are, what’s most important to you, how to present yourself to the world from that place of knowing what you want and what you’re worth. The how makes all the difference to what happens after.

Whether you’re just thinking about a move, you’ve taken the leap, or anything in between we’re here to help bring some clarity and structure to what can often be an overwhelming, uncertain, and scary decision.