Remember What Matters Most

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Do you find yourself reinforcing busy culture?

Yes, we all experience busy seasons. But do you get caught up in the story of being “crazy busy,” without realizing how it may be affecting your wellbeing? When we are wrapped up in busyness and don’t check our boundaries, we not only create a stressed and unstable nervous system, but we forget to be present and experience joy and gratitude in our lives.

In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Laura challenges you to create space to be mindful, actively take moments of rest and relaxation, and spend some time letting go of the busy. Look at your priorities and understand what you need to invest in, and what needs to fall away, so that you can design a life of fulfillment.

If you try this process this week, be sure to reach out and let us know about your experience:

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Jessie-Lynn Sullivan

I love this Laura! Thank your for the reminder to pause, reflect, and WRITE it down. Alignment is something I have been trying to focus on in my life recently – so this was perfect timing.

Laura Van Marter

Wonderful, Jessie-Lynn! Thank you for sharing. Writing it down is an important step!

Jason J. Juarez

A welcome reminder….Thank you.