Building Trust in Relationship Systems with Amber Banks

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What impact can we make when we commit to creating and repairing trust at work?

In this week’s podcast episode we are joined by Dr. Amber Banks. Amber is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Trust and Transformation – a collective dedicated to advancing trust as a foundational building block for racial equity and social justice. 

The Center for Trust and Transformation supports people to build and repair trust across differences in ways that honor identities, contexts, values, and power dynamics in service of healing, justice, and collective liberation. Their purpose is to evolve our understanding of trust and repair to allow for transformative possibilities like relationship restoration, power sharing, and a future where liberation from oppression is possible.  

Amber has her doctorate in Education Leadership, Organizations, and Policy from the University of Washington with a focus on cross-cultural trust, critical race theory, and social network analysis. Amber was a NextGen Fellow with the Pahara Institute and is a founding member of Womxn of Color in Education (WoCE). She is an advisor to a range of nonprofit and for-profit organizations around research, relationships, and repair. Amber is driven by a commitment to connection, racial equity, and radical imagination of what’s possible when we work together from a place of trust and healing.

In today’s episode, we discuss the evolving concept of trust to include our cultural and contextual experiences, how leaders can recognize trust or a lack thereof within their organization, and what leaders can do differently when they are committed to building trusting relationships.

In today’s episode:

4:45- How most of us define trust today, and how this definition should evolve.

11:30- Understanding where there is trust and where there are trust gaps within organizations.

18:30- What leaders can do differently when they commit to repairing trust.

27:00- Using courage to build trust in your relationships

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