#125: Making Better Decisions

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On this week’s 10X Impact Conversations podcast, we define conscious decision making and discuss how to make decisions that truly align with your purpose and values. You’ll learn how to develop better decision making skills and combat decision fatigue, which allows you to focus more energy and creativity on the most important decisions for your life. In addition, we explain how to creating structure around decision making with your team encourages autonomy and freedom.

– – –

In today’s episode:

6:45- What is conscious decision making?

14:45- Developing better decision making skills

21:00- How to align your decisions with your purpose and values

29:00- Can even the most important decisions hinder your freedom?

36:40- Creating structure around decision making as a team

– – –

We believe you matter, your work matters, and your business matters. The 10X Impact Conversations podcast is designed to help you thrive in life and work using science, coaching, and conscious practices you can integrate today. In each episode, our hosts Laura Jaurez and Katie Comtois discuss or interview leaders and experts to uncover how people and organizations are making the world better through their own evolution, relationships, and work. This podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab – a conscious executive coaching and consulting practice committed to making the world better by making business better. To learn more about how we can support you and your business, visit us at 10xleadershiplab.com.

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