#106: Burning Questions On Strategy

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Want to hear our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about strategy?

Join Katie, Kelly, and I as we surface how to lead strategy, what to guard against, and how to solve for the most vexing question: successful implementation.

We had a lot of fun during this “coffee talk” conversation (a non-negotiable of 10X in action) and hopefully got to the core of what you’re most curious about.

10X Strategy is something entirely distinct from traditional strategy. As you consider how to use the elements and discover we’ve missed your burning question, email it to us at hello@10xleadershiplab.com. 

We’ll include it in an upcoming conversation.


The 10X Impact podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab.

10X Leadership Lab exists transform business into a vehicle that elevates humanity through conscious leadership, stakeholder win win, thriving culture, and higher purpose.

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Think you have an interesting perspective or story to share around stakeholder win/win, higher purpose business, thriving culture, and conscious leadership? Please email your bio or speaker’s page, area of expertise, and if available, a link to a previous podcast or video interview you’ve been involved in. (hello@10xleadershiplab.com)

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