Using The Check In Question To Create Connection

by | Culture, Video

Regularly checking in with your team members helps create openness and trust within your culture. AND, it can actually be really simple!

In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom video, Laura Juarez shares a super simple way to connect⁠—the check in question. Starting your meetings with a check-in question, whether goofy, inspiring, or aspirational, is an easy way to regularly build trust into your culture. A few benefits to this include:

1. People get comfortable overtime and come to love it!

2. Allows others to reveal aspects of themselves that are important to them, creating authenticity and openness.

3. Helps everyone transition, reset, and be present during meetings

4. It allows us to let go of linear, cognitive thinking and activate humor, our heart center, and other areas of our intelligence that allow us to connect.

Plus many more! We would love to hear some of your favorite check in questions in the comments!

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