The Stakeholder Capitalism Movement with Nathan Havey

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Is your business part of the stakeholder capitalism movement? Are you curious about intentionally aligning your business to benefit all stakeholders, but not sure where to start?

In this week’s podcast episode, we are joined by Nathan Havey. Nathan is working to expand the definition of success in business.  He facilitated the transformation of a large coffee franchise into a stakeholder capitalism company.  He co-created and co-facilitated the consultant certification program for Conscious Capitalism Inc, cultivating a network of 65 and counting rock-star consultants from all around the world.  A believer in the transformative power of stories, Nathan also wrote and directed an award-willing film telling an updated version of the story that set him on this path back in 2010. Its called Beyond Zero and companies like KKR and UPS and universities like Yale, ESCP, and the University of Michigan are using it to teach the expanded game of business.

Nathan is a co-founder of the Institute for Corporate Transformation where he produced the acclaimed podcast miniseries 10 Things You Should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism.  He wrote and leads a certificate program in change leadership, and he speaks to, trains, and collaborates with people around the globe who are working to create a world that works for everyone.

Today, we break down what exactly stakeholder capitalism is and why more and more companies are embracing it as part of their business model. Plus, we discuss why knowing your higher purpose is essential to implementing stakeholder capitalism in your organization.

In this episode:

8:00- How quickly are companies keeping up with the transition toward stakeholder capitalism?

14:00- How is stakeholder capitalism different than shareholder capitalism?

21:00- How leaders can implement stakeholder capitalism in a meaningful and attainable way.

28:00- Why your higher purpose is integral to success for all stakeholders

35:00- How can well established companies discover and embody their purpose, even when it has never been a part of their ethos?

If you’re interested in learning how to align your business with purpose and practices that benefit all stakeholders, connect with us here or send us a note at

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