Positive Feedback-The 5:1 Business Ratio That Matters

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Did you know there is a magic ratio that all of us needs to receive in order to feel still inspired, still confident, and still curious about our work? This ratio is 5 positive to 1 constructive or negative piece of feedback. Unfortunately, we are nowhere near that level of positive to negative feedback with the people we work with–or even ourselves.

In today’s Wednesday Wisdom, Laura shares how can you integrate positive feedback regularly to create a deeper sense of belonging and connection among your team.

First, gather your team together and have each team member write a sticky note with something they really appreciate and admire about every other person in the room.

Next, hand the notes out to all recipients and give everyone an opportunity to read those positive words from their team mates.

From workplace teams to family and friends, we don’t do this enough! Yet, research shows that this simple practice can change team dynamics to create courage, levity, innovation, and fulfillment.

As leaders, it’s important to remember to create a cycle of celebration and acknowledgement that is authentic and meaningful, so you can build a thriving, successful team.

Laura will be talking more about the 5:1 positive to negative feedback ratio in an upcoming 10X Impact Conversations podcast episode with Business Communication Coach, Elena Pawetta. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and save the date to tune in on September 19th!

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