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Laura Juarez

Partner, Founder and Head of Consulting

I began my career as a consultant with Accenture. It was here that my lifelong curiosity about optimal living and performance was birthed. Through my career, I have owned and led organizations across multiple sectors spanning from manufacturing to wellness, B2B to B2C, and amassed extensive governance experience in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. For over 20 years, I led a B2B manufacturing company in the building materials space as CEO / President / Board Chair. Through practice, trial and error (with the emphasis on error), discipline, and infinite curiosity, I discovered the equation for doing the work I love without sacrificing my own well-being. Today, this is core to my work with Founders and Leaders.

Sustainable success emerges when we create wealth and value for all stakeholders, strategically embody higher purpose, and access the genius of our teams. I am uniquely gifted at helping people and companies align with a higher purpose and operationalize excellence. My style is curious, candid, quick, creative, and collaborative.

Personally, I have the privilege and joy of parenting my two beautiful teenagers and sharing my life with the love of my life. When not supporting businesses committed to impact, I can be found rewilding via hiking trails or grooving goodness from the inside out on my yoga mat.

I specialize in: Business Strategy, Team Optimization, Stakeholder Win-Win, Family Business, Women-owned Business, Culture Activation, Succession Planning, Employee-owned Business (ESOPs)