#116: What Extraordinary Leaders are Doing Differently

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What can we learn at the intersection of conscious leadership and coaching? Are all extraordinary leaders also coaches? What is “coaching culture”, and does it improve employee engagement?

In this week’s 10X Impact Conversation podcast, our host Laura Juarez and executive coaching extraordinaire and 10X co-founder, Katie Comtois, dive deep into what defines extraordinary leaders, what lies at the intersection of coaching and conscious leadership, and why your leadership story and style inherently contribute to the bottom line.

For loyal followers of the show, this is a slightly modified repeat from #100: The Truth about Engagement – and absolutely worth another listen.

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On This Episode:

  • 7:00 What does it mean to be a good coach?
  • 8:30 Defining conscious leadership and coaching
  • 11:00 What are extraordinary leaders and coaches doing differently?
  • 18:00 What is a coaching culture?
  • 20:00 Your leadership development story
  • 25:00 The connection between coaching culture, employee engagement, and culture activation
  • 27:00 Vulnerable leadership and the importance of authenticity

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The 10X Impact Conversations podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab.

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We teach: Purpose Alignment – Conscious Leadership – Thriving Culture – Stakeholder Win-Win

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