What is Our Responsibility as a Conscious Leader?

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Do you know the impact you have on those you lead? Conscious leadership is all about self-awareness, intentionality, and showing up with curiosity. Conscious leaders have the ability to understand their environment and realize what is possible based on their whole team to create a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me.”

In today’s podcast episode, we talk about leading from a place of consciousness to create a rippling effect that allows your entire system to live and lead consciously. Plus, we discuss the characteristics and practices of conscious leaders, and the importance of managing stress in order to lead effectively.

Through leading consciously, your entire system improves on innovation, relationships, and profit. That is 10X Impact!

– – –

In this episode:  

7:00- The correlation between conscious leadership and measuring business outcomes

12:30- Defining conscious leadership

19:00- Building a culture of “we” over a culture of “me”

22:30- Characteristics of conscious leadership 

30:00-  Managing stress so you can lead well.

– – –

We believe you matter, your work matters, and your business matters. The 10X Impact Conversations podcast is designed to help you thrive in life and work using science, coaching, and conscious practices you can integrate today. In each episode, our host Laura Jaurez discusses or interviews leaders and experts to uncover how people and organizations are making the world better through their own evolution, relationships, and work.

This podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab – a conscious executive coaching and consulting practice committed to making the world better by making business better. To learn more about how we can support you and your business, visit us at 10xleadershiplab.com.

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