12 Qualities of High Achievers

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What are 12 qualities of high achievers?

In this week’s podcast, we’re re-sharing another great episode where Laura discusses her observation of 5 incredible women who have achieved wild success professionally. While unique and diverse in style, personality, and preferences, they share 12 qualities that differentiate peak performers. 

But remember… They weren’t BORN with any of these qualities (with the exception of perhaps one). 

They developed, practiced, grooved, and perfected them over their career. And even now, each of them well into their career, they are still refining with enthusiasm to get better every day. And the best part is, you can do this too!

In this episode: 12 Qualities of High Achievers

6:15- Acknowledge your fears and step forward anyway

7:15- Learn to fail well

8:30- Ask for what you want and forge your own path

9:30- Ensure your goals are impact-driven

10:15- Practice the “And” 

11:30- Possess infinite curiosity

12:30- Be an advocate for equity and opportunity

13:30- Know your boundaries and what you refuse to sacrifice

14:50- Lead others with compassion

15:40- Access your whole-self intelligence

16:50- Tend to your well-being

17:40- Integrate rituals of play into your life

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About the 10X Impact Conversations Podcast

We believe you matter, your work matters, and your business matters. The 10X Impact Conversations podcast is designed to help you thrive in life and work using science, coaching, and conscious practices you can integrate today. In each episode, our host Laura Juarez discusses or interviews leaders and experts to uncover how people and organizations are making the world better through their own evolution, relationships, and work.

This podcast is a production of 10X Leadership Lab – a conscious executive coaching and consulting practice committed to making the world better by making business better. To learn more about how we can support you and your business, visit us at 10xleadershiplab.com.

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