The Role of The Modern Man in Leadership: Part 1 with Adam Colette

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The role of the modern man in leadership and in the world is changing.

In this week’s podcast episode Laura and Ashley are joined by Adam Colette. Adam has dedicated his life to mastering the art of creating positive change. His work to protect the environment and advance social justice has led to policy changes spanning from international arenas to local governments. He’s been featured in media outlets around the globe, including the BBC, New York Times, and Politico. He is also an experienced river guide and wilderness trip leader. Adam is the Program Director for the Dogwood Alliance, Owner and Lead Trainer at The Modern Man School and co-creator of the popular relationship podcast, Reading Aloud, with his wife Marisol. Adam lives in Asheville, NC with Marisol, their one year old son Neo Luther, and puppy Pleat.

Today, we talk with Adam about the changing role of men as leaders. For years, there has been a growing acknowledgement that with men at the center of power and decision-making, we’ve seen an increase in oppression and systemic injustice. Despite all of this, Adam believes that men have a place in creating a more healthy, just, and beautiful world. So, how do you find the tools to create change? Through his work with The Modern Man School, Adam is working to create a healthy community where men can come together to educate, build community, and redefine how they show up in the world.

To learn more about Adam and The Modern Man School reach out at

In this episode:

4:00- Making an impact in all aspects of your life

12:30- What is the Modern Man School?

18:45- Discovering the tools needed to create change

29:30- The advantages of creating a separate space for men to grow

Relearning What It Means to be Courageous: Dare to Lead™ for Men

Men’s roles in the world right now are changing and change is difficult. More than ever, men need networks of support, accountability and community to help them navigate and thrive through their personal and professional lives. The Modern Man School and 10X Leadership Lab are partnering to bring you an experience that will help set the foundation for this exact work by helping you cultivate and tap into real courage.

Courage isn’t something you have or don’t have, it’s something you learn and grow and it’s made up of four skill-sets that you’ll learn through this experience:

  • Vulnerability
  • Values
  • Trust
  • Rising from Falls

Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based, internationally recognized courage-building experience for leaders created by Brené Brown, researcher and bestselling author. Enroll today to become a more courageous and conscious leader!

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