Glossary of Terms

What is Conscious Leadership?
Conscious leadership is the intentional practice of leading from a place of mindfulness, purpose, authenticity, candor, and empathy. Conscious leaders are whole thinkers committed to making a positive impact through their work. They are oriented towards empowering others, hold a high level of emotional intelligence, and lead with integrity and moral courage. When making tough decisions, conscious leaders seek to create win-win solutions that are clear and consistent with their purpose and values.
What is Positive Psychology?
Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. Its application in business provides a framework for leaders to fulfill their potential. Key contributing factors to exemplary leadership that are grounded in Positive Psychology include Purpose, Motivation, Mindset, Resilience, and Grit.
What is Systems Theory?
Systems Theory is an interdisciplinary study of the complex nature of the human experience. Realizing sticky and sustainable goals requires an in-depth understanding of how the stories people tell themselves within an organization are either fueling or limiting successful outcomes. We use both Stakeholder-Centered Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry to get clear on what is working well within a system and to help solve for those ways in which the system is limiting its potential.
What is Stakeholder Win-Win?
We consider stakeholders to be all those that are either impactful to the organization or may be impacted by the organization. Stakeholder win-win is the practice of becoming aware of your impact on your stakeholders and what their needs are, and equitably advocating for solutions, processes, policies, and frameworks that support the needs of each. Stakeholder win-win replaces the traditional models that include trade-off thinking, win-lose, or zero-sum in which one party typically “wins” and the other party loses. Stakeholder win-win instead posits that, when we consider what a winning outcome looks like for all stakeholder entities, we create thriving interwoven and mutually beneficial communities with favorable outcomes for all.