Exit the grind of daily survival & activate the flywheel of purpose, engagement & holistic profit

Succession Planning

As you think about exiting partially or fully, succession becomes your highest priority.  And yet, in our experience, leaders dramatically underestimate the time and heart this process requires. It’s about more than choosing a successor: it’s about giving your business the greatest likelihood of future success – top to bottom. And the emotional rollercoaster often catches leaders off guard.

But this matters. Because this is your legacy. And this moment? A final contribution to a thriving future you’re proud of.

We’ve been in your shoes personally, and we’ve helped many leaders create extraordinary outcomes that are life giving: to them personally and to their team.

10X Leadership Lab’s succession planning consultants take a holistic approach that aligns the needs of the owners, the business, and all stakeholders to leave a strong, resilient legacy that founders, leaders, and team members at all levels of the organization can be proud of and feel committed to.

Depending on your objectives, through our work together we may:

Complete a comprehensive assessment

of the as-is state of the business using both qualitative- and quantitative methods. You will receive rich, accurate, and actionable insights on your organization’s perceived purpose, values, culture, and leadership pipeline.

Explore all available succession management

strategies for the business, defining with clarity which options are best aligned given your vision and objectives for the owners and organization.

Co-create leadership evolution plans

for specific team members, tracking goals and behavioral experiments, and ensuring sticky results through a stakeholder-centered approach that includes a 360° leadership report, quarterly pulse surveys, and progress reports.

Design a culture roadmap

for the organization in alignment with the succession management plan that goes beyond business continuity to ensure deep impact and desired results.

Family Business Consulting

Our Co-Founder and Head of Consulting, Laura Jaurez, once gave a talk at a Family Business Seminar in which she opened with the following sentence:  “I am here as a third generation CEO with a niggling question in my mind as to whether or not families should work together.”  You can imagine the response; one part laughter, one part uncomfortable side glances, and two parts gratitude for the truth serum.

Family businesses are unique.  Consultants, attorneys, and accountants don’t really understand the impact shared DNA and love have on motivation, decision making, and priorities.  What should be an easy business decision becomes complex and interwoven with parent-child dynamics, sibling birth order, and spousal expectations.

At 10X Leadership Lab, we believe that you can elevate your business results, honor your family, and also take care of your own well-being. Our family business consultants specialize in creating transparent family business solutions that operate from a place of trust, respectful conduct and communication, and shareholder alignment.

Depending on your objectives, through our work together we may:

Create gates and boundaries that serve both the business and the relationship

Navigate non-family member perception and expectation

Clearly delineate between role as “family” and role as “employee”

Create progress, transparency, and integrity in conversations with family members

Manage expectations and “entitlement” for the benefit of all

Built-to-Thrive Start-up Consulting

10X Leadership Lab’s 12-month Built-to-Thrive element is a comprehensive and intensive program designed to support high-potential start-ups in designing their business for performance in the first year. This element is a compacted version of our 10X Impact Ecosystem, in which we will define, design, and develop the business around purpose, thriving culture, stakeholder win-win, and conscious leadership.

Executive Coach and Consult

10X Leadership Lab’s one-to-one executive coaching and consulting helps CEOs, Founders, and executives to exit the grind of daily survival and activate the flywheel of purpose, engagement, and holistic profit. This element is highly personalized to support you in achieving your unique objectives.