Dare to Lead™

with 10X Leadership Lab | Fall 2022

Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based, internationally recognized courage-building experience for leaders created by Brené Brown, researcher and bestselling author.

In this 10-week Dare to Lead™ workshop, we’ll walk you through how to rumble with vulnerability, lead from values, intentionally cultivate trust, and pick yourself up from falls and failures.

This experience is a highly interactive, fully remote course. You will join an intimate cohort of extraordinary leaders from diverse backgrounds, teams, and organizations, and meet weekly to build the skills necessary to evolve into a more courageous and conscious leader.


8 Dare to Lead™ Workshop Sessions: Weekly every Thursday from Sept 8th through Oct 27th (9AM-12PM MT/ 11AM-2PM ET).

2 Dare to Lead™ Integration Sessions: Nov 3rd and 10th (9AM-12PM MT/ 11AM-2PM ET)

All sessions are held remotely.


  • How to lean into difficult conversations more easily

  • How to build trusting relationships through vulnerability & empathy

  • How to change your habit of exhaustion as a status symbol

  • How to speak up and contribute more readily

  • How to build boundaries and trust in yourself and others

  • How to become a more conscious, aware and present leader


  • The skillset and practical tools for courageous leadership

  • Dare to Lead™ Trained Certificate and LinkedIn Badge

  • Dare to Lead™ Official Workbook

  • 10X Dare to Lead™ Roadmap and Prompts to support your ongoing practice and growth

  • Unlimited email access to your facilitator


10X Leadership Lab is committed to accessibility, please contact us at hello@10xleadershiplab.com to discuss how we can support your participation. 


Ashley Andersen

10X Leadership Lab Partner & Leadership Coach

My path to coaching has been paved with an innate fascination for the nuances of human behavior, an insatiable curiosity around growth and transformation, and generous beliefs and assumptions about others. For nearly a decade I have used all of these to help leaders discover, believe in, and operate from their truest selves. Leadership is a great responsibility and a great opportunity, and coaching helps leaders learn how to leverage the best of both of those truths.

As someone who respects research and rigor, I have degrees in psychology (BA) and social work (MSW) and am certified by a number of entities in the field of coaching including: the International Coaching Federation, Co-Active Training Institute, Brené Brown Education and Research Group (Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator), and CRR Global (Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach).

As a coach, I use a combination of deep inquiry, bold reflections, and compassionate accountability to help leaders work through daily challenges, show up courageously, grow with each experience, and create meaningful connections with their work and those around them.

I specialize in: Daring Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, Systems Theory, Polarity Management and Team Cohesion.

“If we want people to fully show up, to bring their whole selves including their unarmored, whole hearts—so that we can innovate, solve problems, and serve people—we have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected.” – Brené Brown



What if I can’t make all the dates/times work?

We believe that flexibility is absolutely essential in today’s world. We’ll work with you if you have to miss part of or a whole session (4 hours total). This will equate to you having to do some makeup work to get you up to speed (watching videos and sharing reflections). If you know there will be more than one session that you can’t make, it’s probably best for you to wait until our next offering so that you don’t lose out on the benefits of being with others in this experience.

Will the sessions be recorded for me to watch later?

Because of the sensitive nature of the workshop content, this is decided group by group. Many times people are ok with recording for the purpose of another group member catching up. When that’s the case, strict agreements are in place about keeping the recording confidential. Sometimes though, groups aren’t comfortable with any aspect of recording and, for the respect of that group’s members and their investment into the process, we don’t do any recording.

How can I approach my work about using time during the work week for this experience?

Dare to Lead™ is a leadership skill building program based on decades of research. How might it benefit your organization, your leader, those who you lead, for you to be more brave? Whatever your response is, that’s the outcome you’ll be working toward in this experience! On top of that, the research shows that when one person increases their ability to be a more courageous leader, others follow and, what all organizations need more of today is braver leaders and more courageous cultures.

Do I have to read the Dare to Lead book before attending?

You don’t have to read anything in preparation and, if you have, that’s great! Either way, all of the concepts taught and explored in this experience will be personalized. 

I can’t decide whether I should attend on my own or with my team, what are the benefits to each?

This is a tough one! When people attend as an individual they get the opportunity to really be free in the learning space- that usually means they’re able to talk about different topics and use specific examples that they might not have otherwise. They also get the chance to learn from the other participants who come from different organizations. When you attend as a team there’s something really unifying that occurs- you all are learning together, getting to know one another on a deeper level, having conversations you don’t typically have with colleagues, and creating shared commitments to courageousness using the same language. Both have their benefits. If you’re still not sure, schedule an info session to talk it out with our certified facilitator.

I’m attending virtual, what equipment will I need?

A personal computer- please don’t join with anyone else if you’re attending together. A quiet space- we’ll be having a lot of dialogue so somewhere you’ll feel comfortable speaking up and sharing. Internet access- we use Zoom so if you aren’t familiar with that platform, we suggest you make sure you can access it. A video camera- we know most computers come equipped these days but what we mean is that there will be an expectation that you appear on camera during the sessions (with exceptions of course for typical things like stepping away briefly or handling someone walking in the room). This is an intimate experience where you will be asked to talk and share about vulnerable topics- being present, physically and emotionally, is a way to demonstrate care and respect for one another in that process.

My leader wants to know what will be different for me as a result of attending, what should I tell them?

As I coach I always lean into the power of questions- how do they want to see you grow in your role? Chances are courage is needed for those changes. Some of the typical ways that people have witnessed growth in themselves and others has been in being able to have difficult conversations earlier and with more clarity, trusting oneself more, offering up opinions or ideas, having more patience for colleagues, slowing down and asking more questions. Those are just a few but we know it can be hard to communicate about something you haven’t experienced firsthand. If you need some more help making the business case for why this is an important opportunity, schedule an info session for more clarity. 

I don’t have a team that I lead, am I a good fit for this experience?

Absolutely! Leadership isn’t just about leading people. There are many leaders who don’t have any direct reports and who are hugely influential in the lives of others and in organizations as a whole. Brené Brown defines a leader as anyone who sees the potential in people or processes and has the courage to help develop that potential.  

I’ve attended a lot of trainings, how will this one be different?

While there is a training aspect to this (gaining new knowledge), so much of this experience is about applying the learning and really personalizing it to you and your leadership. This happens through individual reflection and small and large group discussion. 

My company won’t pay for my attendance and the price tag is a little over budget for me personally.

As a part of 10X Leadership Lab’s commitment to accessibility around conscious leadership practices, we offer two ways to support the affordability of this series:

  • Installment Payments (Available to all) – To pay via installments, select the PayPal option at checkout or reach out to hello@10xleadershiplab.com for a custom arrangement.
  • Complete Sponsorship (Two sponsorship spots available for each public workshop) – To request sponsorship, reach out to hello@10xleadershiplab.com. All sponsorship information is held confidentially.
I’m taking a hiatus from work or considering a career transition, how might this experience benefit me?

Congrats! Making the decision to switch careers and find something that’s a better fit for you sounds like a really courageous decision to make- one that will have you experiencing doubts and questions about “what now?” This work is such a great fit for that very situation- it will gear you up to be able to understand how you are likely to react in the face of the many brave steps associated with your transition and, to be able to move bravely into that new, uncharted territory!