#126: The Intersection of Wealth and Conscious Living

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Does the pursuit of wealth align with your purpose as a conscious leader?

On this week’s podcast episode we are joined by Brandon Hatton, an investment advisor who endeavors to help his clients live abundant, intentional lives.

Brandon specializes in family dynamics around multi-generational wealth and advises clients who seek to use their financial assets to help make a positive impact through investments and philanthropy. He is the author of Conscious Wealth, a publication of Conscious Capitalism Press. Brandon enjoys the fulfillment that working with people brings, including the creative, methodical nature of portfolio creation and wealth maintenance based on conscious capitalism principles. 

We discuss the intersection of wealth and conscious leadership, reframing our relationship with money, and how to use wealth to mobilize our purpose and positively impact our lives and the businesses we lead.

Learn more about Brandon and his work in conscious capitalism here: https://brandonhatton.com/

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In today’s episode:

5:00- How do you define conscious wealth? 

16:00- In what ways can money and wealth limit the pursuit of purpose

22:45- The balance between enhancements and enrichments

26:40- How does our relationship with money impact the businesses that we lead? 

30:45- Use your own benchmarks to mobilize your purpose

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