Best of the Conscious Leadership Podcast: #61 – A Business Case For Diversity & Inclusivity

by | Culture, Podcast, Women in Leadership

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking with Felicity Hassan, Managing Director of Audeliss, a firm that exists to level the playing field for diverse leaders in executive and board appointments. Their core belief? That diversity of thought is one of the biggest competitive advantages to any leadership team.

Felicity and I will explore:

  • How to see and work with our own privilege & biases
  • How to level the playing field by widening the gate versus lowering the bar in our companies
  • How to create a culture of inclusivity

We’ll also deep dive the risk of focusing on diversity of numbers without simultaneously doing the cultural groundwork to embody an inclusive environment and business practices.

You can learn more about Felicity’s firm, Audeliss, on their website.

To look at the D&I trainings, toolkits, and mission of Involve, Audeliss’ sister company championing diversity and inclusion in business, visit InvolvePeople.Org.

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