How to Build a Thriving Culture

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There is a new paradigm of business is emerging. Businesses are increasingly focusing on total impact, not just financial profit. They are working to add value not just to shareholders, but to all stakeholders. Many leaders recognize this shift and want to take action, but are unsure how to implement change within their organization. So, where can they start?

In today’s episode, we are joined by organizational culture transformation expert and leadership coach, Tom Rausch. A passionate teacher and avid learner, Tom brings the ability to scale culture transformation across any size organization, from global multi-nationals to family run businesses and everything in-between. As Director of Consulting for Barrett Values Centre, he works towards his vision of a world where everyone thrives, doing work that matters.

The Barrett Values Centre helps companies build authentic, resilient cultures based on deeply-felt values that are shared across the entire team. At 10X Leadership Lab, we use the Barrett Values Assessment as our tool to measure and roadmap culture work with our clients. Tom has been an integral educator for our team on all things Barrett, and we are thrilled to have him on the show!  

In today’s conversation, we discuss the shift in focus to employee wellbeing, how to spot areas to improve within your culture, and the incredible opportunity leaders have to impact not only their company, but their entire value chain.

In this episode:

4:00- What is the new paradigm of business?

13:30- Why does Barrett use values as the metric for culture health?

18:00- How does the Barrett values system relate to employee engagement?

22:00- Using the Barrett Assessment to uncover blind spots in your culture.

28:30- The 4 areas of alignment that lead to Whole System Transformation

Find out more about Tom and the Barrett Values Centre at

If you want to be a part of the thriving culture movement, or need guidance completing the Barrett Values Assessment, we would love to speak with you! Reach out here.

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