#118: How to Disrupt Your Distractions

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Have you caught yourself complaining about how busy you are or how little time there is this week? Or perhaps you haven’t vocalized it, but you live in overwhelm, stress, and lack.

In today’s 10X Impact Conversations podcast, we discuss pesky distractions, how to stop feeling like you’re living life on someone else’s schedule and reclaim your brain’s natural preference to work in a deeply focused state. Remember: We have the ability to pivot in remarkable ways with easy actions. And our life, our purpose, and our legacy are well worth it.

This episode is our last repeat of the year and was originally published in August 2019 (#17). After the holidays, we’ll jump back in with a brand-new series around positive psychology (with some incredible guests!) that we are super excited to share with you all.

– – –

On This Episode:

3:20 – Defining “Distractions”

7:30 – The Greatest Statistic We’ve Ever Heard

11:45 – How to Make a Change

– – –

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